A T B a r n u m // L i t t l e P h o e n i x // t h e c i t y // c o u n t r y

Australian Singer-Songwriter // Alt-Folk Rock // Homefolktronics

"Hey Andy, Congrats on your own fine work, sounds lovely. Definitely hearing a little

Lanois, but also puts me in mind of Joe Henry, and a touch and one of my favourite

antipodeans Richard Davies. Great stuff!” Glenn Richards (Augie March)

Little Phoenix Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2Kf8rnk YouTube: https://bit.ly/2LsXDBP

All albums: https://abarnum.bandcamp.com Vitabeats: https://spoti.fi/2s0qp4U

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Andrew Barnum is a singer-songwriter, whose musical style is a combination of folk-based Aus alt-folk and home-pop-tronic-rock. Welcome to a visually transporting road-trip of the Australian experience today.

The song-writing-performance duo of Andrew & Lissa Barnum, aka Vitabeats, had a national hit with ‘Boom Box’ (Hot/EMI) in 1985. This was followed by singles ‘Audrey’ and ‘Build it Right’ from the album ‘Spot the Spanner.’ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Vitabeats2013 The band stopped recording and touring in 1988. Andrew never stopped writing, recording and performing his own songs.

Andrew’s current sound is a blend of the acoustic and electronic arcane - forgotten analogue technologies, merging with digital interfaces and an array of musicians, including vocals from Lissa and Cayenne Barnum, all coming together in accomplished composer-producer Boris Hunt’s Black Rabbit Studio in Hartley, NSW.

Boris and Andrew call this sound ‘Homefolktronics.’

Little Phoenix // The City // Country, reveals sixteen tracks that tell the story of the struggles and joys ofnavigating radical change, and the anxiety felt by all of us in Australia today. Conditions we are all going through.

Creative career re-invention, moving house out of Sydney, family mental health, a long and proud marriage. These songs are all about dedication and determination to push through the everyday pressures of these times, with perseverance and self-belief. We all need to rise again from set-backs and sing our truth.



The songs are from a City and Country perspective. The tracks were written and recorded during Andrew’s PhD research into Australian song and songwriters (UTS).

Through this lens, the two Little Phoenix albums contain unique observations of our evolving identity, this, in a time where the Australian music story is also in a state of reinvention.

The songs reveal slow insights about all of our experiences today, offering up time and space to reflect on ourselves and our nation’s freedoms and the changes we all need to take on. As a snapshot, this double album brings unity, depth and levity to our own cultural experience. Key tracks: Little Phoenix, Andy on wire, Resist, All we have is change, Goes around, Why I ride, The more you run.

“Congrats on your own fine work, sounds lovely. Definitely hearing a little Lanois but also puts me inmind of Joe Henry, and a touch and one of my favourite antipodeans Richard Davies. Great stuff!

Glenn Richards (Augie March)

“I had a chance to have a good listen through. the tracks and production are really great!” Dane Taylor,(Shining Bird).

Played on Stuart Coupe’s Dirt Music and Paul Gough’s Playback on 2SER.

Listen on Spotify: 

Little Phoenix // The City http://spoti.fi/2Ef2pDR

Little Phoenix // Country http://spoti.fi/2BOnBiH

All solo albums : https://abarnum.bandcamp.com

All clips on Youtube: https://bit.ly/2Lm5L8e




Photographer: Noah Vanderveer

Musician: Andrew Barnum